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E-Commerce Business & Start Selling in Six Weeks

Now is YOUR time to start the business you've been dreaming of!

Chart your own path and take charge of your business goals in six weeks!

This LIVE ZOOM course will share the principles of what you need to not only start your e-commerce business but manage it and grow it sustainably with proven methods.

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Here's what we'll go through

LIVE on ZOOM • Fall 2022


What's your story and how are we going to tell it to the world and what platform is best suited for your produc/service?


We'll show you the most effective brand strategies to build your dream business and make your brand shine and where to focus your energy and budget.


What kind of marketing will best suit your brand? What is SEO? When to pay for ads? We'll answer all the burning questions.


Once you have a website, how will you manage it? We'll show you the most efficient ideas so you can avoid overwhelm.

Your Dream Business In Six Weeks

This is the time to take action

Proven Methods

Everything you'll learn has been proven to work for multi-national companies.

Small Classes

Classes will be capped so that everyone feels comfortable and gets time to get their questions answered.

No Tech Jargon

You will not feel out of your depth and do not need previous knowledge to attend or to understand!

Enrol Now $980

How Is This One Different?

At Caffeinated, we're about showing you the steps to sustainable growth with the knowledge you can apply to your business at any stage!

For us, it's not about the flash-in-the-pan success that is here today, gone tomorrow. We'll go through a number of proven methods for a whole new business. That means we won't simply be focusing on building e-mail lists or social media - it's SO much more.

You'll have the building blocks you need to create a solid foundation for your future in business.

We work alongside you to build a beautiful,

long-lasting growth model!

Realize Your Goals

Create your own path and take charge of your business in six weeks. This course will share the principles of what you need to not only start your e-commerce business but manage it, sustainably with measured results!

Based On Facts

This course was created based on cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this course was compiled by experts who have been in the digital commerce space for over a decade and have implemented everything you'll learn, successfully, in seven-figure businesses.

Replicate results. Not work.

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.



We'll go through the trusted W's! Who, What, When, Where, WHY? Together we'll uncover untapped potential and create efficiencies for your sales process. From Branding to platform decisions, this is going to our base.


Opportunity & Research

Often when we are involved with our own product, we may not see that our target demographic or our digital sales methods can be fine-tuned for enhanced sales and TIME savings!


Plan, Create, & Execute

At the halfway point, we'll build a pre-launch checklist to stay on target.



All the acronyms can be overwhelming but we'll simplify and leverage SEO (search engine optimization), UI/UX (user interface/user experience), for the benefit of your website and brand.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Through tracking and reporting, we’ll continuously be your partner to make sure you continue to grow.

Is This For You?

If you've been dreaming of owning your own online business but don't know where to start, then this IS for you. Plus it's from the comfort of wherever you and your computer are located! You just have to SHOW UP!

We'll meet once per week together on ZOOM on your choice of day Wednesdays OR Thursday 11:00AM PST.



What's best for your product/service?


Getting Seen

Advertising & marketing tips and how-to's.



We'll go through tools and resources for you to manage your new business.


I get it, it's hard to commit to something without getting more info and being assured it's the right fit!

In the free 1-hour course, we’ll walk you through the three tenets of starting an online business and get to know how this course can help you achieve your goals by the end of 2022!

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Meet Mariam.

Certified Shopify Partner with an 11-year background in marketing and e-commerce. I specialize in helping e-commerce businesses build optimized sites with high-growth marketing in mind. I’ve worked with multi-national brands as well as local small businesses across Canada and the US.

​After many years in marketing and working in e-commerce I started Caffeinated Media Solutions, to bridge the gap between small businesses and their online sales strategy. And to serve and empower more business owners, for the first time I'm now offering all my knowledge in a 6 week package that will enable YOU to set yourself up for success!

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